A wonderful day out

I had a very exciting day out recently in London, no, on this occasion not a new wardrobe consultation or a Capital City personal shopping trip – I was being photographed for an article in the May edition of Woman and Home magazine. The article is entitled WE GAVE OUR LIVES A REVAMP, and focuses on a group of ladies who have made a change in their lives and what a positive impact this has made.

I always love going to London, and I was determined to enjoy my day out as much as possible. I was up very early that morning, hair and makeup done by 6am, ready to catch the 8 o clock train from Manchester Piccadilly to Euston. What to wear is not a dilemma for me, and I had chosen my outfit with great care and attention to detail. I wanted to look modern and sophisticated, but, there had to be a degree of comfort and practicality as, I would be on the train for a couple of hours. I decided to wear heels, impractical yes, but, I concluded that the most walking I would be doing that day was from station platform to taxi, and as a girl about town I could manage to walk in my Georgina Goodman’s for a few hundred yards!!!

I treated myself to a first class seat, and was comfortably settled and reading the breakfast menu when the announcement came that all trains to Euston had been cancelled due to a fire at Wembley. All passengers had to disembark and change to the Birmingham train, and then change at Birmingham to the train travelling to Marylebone, all of which would take considerably longer than the 2 hours I had anticipated. So much for the leisurely, timed to perfection journey I was expecting! Ignoring the loud speaker information I now found myself stalking business men and executive types around the Birmingham station platforms – so close and yet so far from the fabulous new Bull Ring and Mailbox shopping complexes – scene of many a great personal shopping expedition!

So there’s me (trying to keep up in my vertiginous heels) because I decided these business men were the ones in the know, receiving up to the minute Blackberry travel bulletins from their secretaries who were determined that the bosses would not be late for their London meetings, clever n’est pas?

I eventually arrived a couple of hours late, and caught a taxi to the Curtain Road photographic studios. Apologizing for my tardiness at being the last one to arrive, and with lunch well on its way, I sat down to a nice cup of tea. Although I was too excited to eat, the lemon meringue pie looked too tempting, so I succumbed! I decided that it was a bit too late to be thinking about losing any weight for the shoot, and with modern technology a bit of airbrushing would get rid of any lumps and bumps!!

Lunch over; it was time to start getting ready for my photos. Blue was the colour theme for outfits, and plain colours rather than patterns or florals. There were a couple of rails of clothes, numerous pairs of shoes and a selection of jewellery. I chose the Planet dress in the picture, and also a dress from Reiss, the shoes and tights however were not of my choosing. I have never worn a pair of natural coloured tights in my life, and I almost didn’t wear any tights that day, as I kept ripping all the pairs given to me, as they were far too short for my legs!

I was too embarrassed to ask the busy stylist for more tights, so kept hassling her assistant, a young work experience student also called Colette, who was very sweet and obliging, despite having 101 other things to do. As for the blue shoes, I am not too sure! I am a bit of a Hobbs girl, and they are Hobbs shoes, but I haven’t quite fallen in love with them yet, what do you think?

Next stop, hair and makeup, I could have sat there all day having my face painted and my hair curled listening to the stories and chit chat, it was hilarious, and a real insight into the lives of the rich and famous, but, sorry everyone – my lips are sealed!!!

Last but not least the photo shoot, I put on my best smile, remembering to hold my stomach in and maintain good posture, whilst trying to hide my bingo wings and look relaxed all at the same time, not easy for me as my multi tasking skills are not what they use to be. Alas, my time was up far too soon, and as I changed back into my own clothes, I decided to keep the big hair and glamorous makeup look for the train journey back home.

The Final star treatment was a ride in a chauffer driven Mercedes back to Euston station bringing an end to my wonderful day!


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