Biba is back!

Barbara Hulanicki fashion illustrator and founder of the iconic Biba brand is back on our high streets once again.

Biba first opened its doors in 1964 as a small boutique, but fashionistas of the time couldn’t get enough of Barbara’s designs and a couple of moves later she was trading out of a large department store on Kensington High Street. The Biba store was the place to hang out and sold everything from clothing, accessories and make up to home wares and much, much more. It was the fashionable place to be seen, and even the great Anna Wintour, editor in chief of American Vogue worked there as a shop girl.

So what of this latest Biba revival?

Well it seems very appropriate that Biba, probably the first high street fashion store, should choose to design a collection for today’s leading high street brand – Topshop.

And recently Topshop opened its doors for a preview of the new collection designed by Barbara, and those of us who went along were not disappointed.

The collection was small, but managed to capture the essence of the original 1960’s brand. The cream and pale blue silks were a perfect background for the dainty illustrations, and even if the dress styles were for the young, we oldies could indulge ourselves with the scarves, the blouses and the giant cotton bags, which will look effortlessly stylish on the beach or in the supermarket.

For me this new collection was a chance to indulge in nostalgia, a nod back to those happy, hippy days of the 1970’s where smock tops, floppy hats and love beads were all the rage and the most important decision I had to make was which poster would be going up on my bedroom wall, the Jackson Five or the Osmond’s?

The Jackson Five of course!!


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