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S/S 12 – The Key Trends

On a lovely day like today it’s easy to imagine the heat of the summer sun and the need to dress in light layers and glorious colours.  A good day, therefore, to talk to you about the key trends for this season. As the season progresses I will give you tips on how you can…Continue Reading

A new winter skirt.

The below the knee skirt would be a great addition to your winter wardrobe.   I am a lady of a certain age – not quite the grand old dame, but, neither in the first flush of youth, so, it is with a bit of relief to be talking about this new season style, rather…Continue Reading

The Slouchy ankle boot.

Another great addition to your  footwear department this season is what I call the Slouchy ankle boot, not a very glamorous description, I know, but, it’s a boot, it’s ankle length, it’s slouchy and it is very wearable. I bought my own pair a couple of months ago, and I have to admit, I have…Continue Reading

More essentials for Autumn Winter 2011.

Boots are essential winter warmers and I always love this time of year, when, I can get my boot boxes out and start wearing my favourite pieces. Most of my boots are quite a few years old, but, no matter, as I think a lot of boot styles are timeless, and, if looked after properly…Continue Reading

What’s new for Spring and Summer 2011?

There seems to be an excellent selection of styles for 2011 spring and summer, a bit of something for everyone, from super bright colours, big prints and florals as well as plenty of neutrals and white. Prints There is nothing subtle about the new look prints for the spring and summer they are bright and…Continue Reading

Black Lace

On my recent shopping trips I have been noticing some lovely black lace pieces. The great thing about lace is that it is a very versatile fabric. Cream and pale coloured laces look amazing in softer feminine styles and are more predominant in summer fashions; black lace however is a completely different story. Black lace…Continue Reading

The Cape Crusader

The Cape Crusader

Over the last couple of seasons the cape has been on the periphery, and it’s not going away, if anything the look seems to becoming more popular. I love capes. In my previous life I wore a bright red heavy woollen one for years and years. It kept me dry and warm as I raced…Continue Reading

Dressing Up This Season

Dressing Up This Season

One of the most popular dress shapes for this season is a modern take on 1950’s style. Full skirted, cinched at the waist, ultra feminine and super chic. It’s a trend that everyone is calling the “Ladylike” trend, and here are a few reasons that I think that this style is a winner: A good…Continue Reading

Pantone Colours for Autumn and Winter 2010

Pantone Colours for Autumn and Winter 2010

Here is the pantone fashion colour report for Fall 2010. Purple Orchid is an exotic purple leaning to fuchsia, an unexpected choice for fall, imbuing a bit of magic and vibrancy to the season. Chocolate Truffle is a rich brown with piquant plum undertones, that pairs tastefully with purple orchid. Woodbine, takes last seasons neutral…Continue Reading


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