College Days

Well, I am just 2 months into my foundation degree in fashion and clothing technology, and I thought I would let you all know how it is going, FAB is the first word that springs to mind, I am having a great time, although the workload is relentless.

I truly wanted to be the class swot, but that hasn’t quite gone according to plan, or doesn’t appear so at the present time. But, once I have mastered the arts of pattern making, fashion design, sewing, Gerber, Photoshop, and have have plucked up enough courage to start sticking my ideas into my 2 sketch books, I should be well on my way to catching up to all my classmates, who by the way are a great bunch.

I am the oldest student by far on my course, and I am conscious that my brain cells are dying off at an alarming rate, but, by surrounding myself with my lovely clever, classmates, whom I shall call “the bright young things”, I am hoping that I will miraculously absorb their energy and ideas, so that at least I might be able to fool not only myself, but, also my tutors that I am keeping up, (I do hope they are not reading this!)

My first assignment, which we call a brief, is due in on Monday 30th of November at 9.30am. Which means lots of working late into the night, which means not much sleep, which leads to tired, puffy eyes, which is not a great look! Talking of eyes, my eye sight seems to be failing at a remarkable rate, I am lucky if I can see the needle on the sewing machine, let alone try to thread it, which doesn’t bode well as by November 30th my brief will not be complete unless I have produced a 1920’s Flapper dress, made by my own “fair and wrinkly” hands.

Is it the sheer volume of work, or am I just rubbish at time management? Whatever the reason, I need to speed up a bit to get everything finished on time. Watch this space!


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