Headscarves and other things Vintage

Anyone who knows me, who has followed my blog, twitter feed @colette02 or used my services knows how much I love all things vintage.  I can’t help but get excited about clothing and accessories that have had a previous life, that can tell a story of where they have been and what they have seen.

Vintage inspired looks come out every season whether it’s the 20’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s.  It shows how much we love good design, that however many times you try to “reinvent the wheel”, certain shapes come back again and again and again.

The 50’s and early 60’s inspired dresses are gorgeous this season with Oasis and Dotty P’s recreating the prom look particularly well.  This 1940’s inspired Hobbs NW3 Tea Dress is gorgeous and has a quality vintage feel to it.  But, why leave it at just the dress?  What about the accessories?  The right accessories can make your outfit look truly authentic and whisk you away from modern life. Rochas (shown at the beginning of this post) showed headscarves on their catwalk worn with simple 60’s inspired shift dresses – so, so simple, yet so,so sublime.

And what about the bags?  For a genuine vintage feel you should keep an eye out for ostrich leather or crocodile skin.  The next time you watch the film “Brief Encounter” by David Lean, take a look at the ostrich skin clutch bag held by Celia Johnson – perfection!

The ideal aim would be to seek out a rare vintage bag that you won’t ever see anywhere else, a piece you can bequeath to your daughter when she reaches an age when she can appreciate it. I found this vintage croc bag online at timeless-vintage.co.uk for just £65.

If this is just a bit too old fashioned for you, and not big enough for modern needs (bags used to just house a lippy, compact and a few shllings), then try this mock ostrich skin piece at Oasis. More colourful, big enough for all your “essentials” and, at the same time, affordable.

If you are lucky enough to have a Mum, Aunt or Granny who has hidden gems in her attic, then beg to trawl through them in the hope of striking vintage gold.  If not, do as I do, shop second hand and get the vintage bug.


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