Lesson in Style

Catching up with the previous 2 weeks Sunday newspapers, a couple of articles caught my eye. There was a Sunday Times interview with a favourite of mine Mary Portas, looking a thoroughly modern miss in her acid yellow Jaeger tunic and Gladiator sandals. Whilst in this weekend’s Mail on Sunday we have Kate Middleton, a beautiful girl in the throes of youth, pictured at a royal wedding looking, dare I say it —-a tad old fashioned, in an uninspiring flimsy dress, tight jacket and a very “safe” fascinator! No comment was made on her choice of outfit, but the photo caption read…LIFE”S A BREEZE………”.

Kate Middleton had the foresight to wear a slip to ensure she was well prepared for her Marilyn Monroe moment” It seems clear that Kate isn’t making any waves on the style front, and journalists are scrambling to find a connection between the two!!
Surely this young woman with all her royal associations must have designers fighting over themselves to have her seen in their creations?

Surely someone must be “guiding” her every move and offering sage advice, just in case royal announcements are made in the not too distant future? But, has ”looking Modern and Stylish” been accidentally left off the To Do List?????

Britain remains firmly at the forefront of global fashion, even traditional labels such as Jaeger and Aquascutum have contemporary new collections that wouldn’t look out of place in any fashionistas wardrobe, so lack of choice cannot be the problem.
It will be interesting to watch Kate’s progress over the next few months, if called upon I shall be available for royal duty!! Failing that, let’s hope someone takes the helm and gives this young girl the benefit of their fashion and style wisdom, Princess Di would have been perfect for the job!


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