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A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Alicia and some of the girls from the Alicia Kite Academy, we met in Harrods for lunch and had a super time, it was lovely to see everyone. I am a regular visitor to our academy forum, where support, sage advice handy hints and tips are readily available, but it is so nice to actually see the girls every now and again.

On that day we had an appointment in Harrods to be shown around their “By Appointment” Shopping Service. Of course in such a large emporium it is not only clothes shopping, but, seven floors of beautiful jewellery, home wares, antiques and much, much more. However our visit that day was to be taken around the clothing departments, and the personal changing areas, and learn a little more about their service.

Their Personal Shopping Service is by appointment, and most consultations last for two and a half hours. The minimum spend is £2,500, and during this time your personal shopper will “update your wardrobe and introduce you to the latest lifestyle additions and fashion must-haves” whilst you relax with a glass of Krug champagne and a selection of Ladurée macaroons in one of the private suites.

It is obviously a very special two and a half hours, and I can appreciate the appeal it must have for many ladies and gentlemen, and I can see if you used this service on a regular basis, then your Personal Shopper would be able to understand your needs and requirements more thoroughly, but, I wonder as an occasional treat how effective this service really is? For example;

  • Are you trying on and buying the key pieces for your specific wardrobe requirements?
  • Is the Personal Shopper showing you the appropriate clothing for your specific body shape, or is the choice of clothing based on the new season “must haves”?
  • Does the Personal Shopper understand your lifestyle and the demands it places on your wardrobe?
  • Does the Personal Shopper have specialist skills and knowledge to help you to uncover your unique personal style?



I suspect that in this enviroment of luxury and opulence such questions are not high on the agenda, but for those of us with less extravagant budgets these questions are serious considerations that need to be addressed.

Many stores offer a free Personal Shopping Service these days, but as mentioned, unless you take advantage of this service on a regular basis, than the personal element to it exists merely as a couple of hours spent with a member of staff showing you the latest stock and new season trends.

If that is the limit to your requirements then all well and good, if however you are in need of personal style advice and want to address certain problems and issues then this service will not really be of value to you either in terms of time spent or money spent.

If what you require is a more thorough and truly personalized service then you need to engage the services of an Image Consultant.

Image Consultants exist because there is a specific role that they fulfil which is to make you look and feel the best that you possibly can, and more…

No matter how or what brought you to seek the help of a Professional Image Consultant, they will have the answers, solutions and ideas that you need to move onwards and upwards with your life, so that you are showing the best possible version of you. And what could be better?


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