Seasonal Clearout

Last week I had my seasonal clearout and tidy of my wardrobe.
All my spring and summer clothes have been washed or dry cleaned – folded neatly, and put into breathable storage boxes ready for Spring Summer 2009. Sandals, espadrilles and bags have had a similar treatment.

A charity bag has been filled with those items that won’t be making an appearance next year, and some garments have been set aside awaiting a different fate.

Earlier on this year, myself and some friends held a “good as new” clothing sale in our local community hall, there were some great clothes, shoes and bags for sale at bargain prices. Whether or not we decide to hold such a sale again has yet to be decided, so, in the meantime, I am thinking of putting a couple of items for sale on my website to gauge the interest. In the past I have e-bayed, given clothes to friends and family and sent bags to various charities, so I shall see what visitors to my website think of this idea.

Another idea I am giving consideration to is having a clothes swapping party. This new craze of clothes swapping parties is gaining momentum; in America it is called “swishing”. Last weekend’s Sunday Times magazine had a feature called “Cupboard Love” all about how to “get your fashion fix for free.” It is a subject that has been covered by radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and the Guardian Newspaper, and there are websites devoted to Swapping.

It is refreshing that in these times of cheap, throw away fashion something as simple as the good old fashioned “hand me down “ is becoming popular again, and is getting a 21st century makeover.

Proceed with caution though, whilst I was doing my research and browsing some of the Swapping websites, I innocently clicked onto a “swapping club” of a completely different kind!!!!!

You have been warned!!!


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