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If you love shopping for pampering and beauty essentials, pop over to Facebook and join my group The Beauty Room.

It’s the fun place to go to for tips and ideas on all things face and body. Discover gorgeous new products and brands, hear honest reviews and be inspired to try something fresh and new.

The Beauty Room is a closed group, so anything we say and share stays among the group members and is not for public viewing…just between friends xx.

A lot of the products I will be reviewing are independent beauty brands and can be found at www.MyShowcase.com.  Some of these brands have yet to become household names, some you will have heard of…. all you will love!

Feel free to join in the conversation with your favourite beauty buys from on line and on the High street.

Join me as a stylist

If you would like to start your own beauty business and join me as a stylist at MyShowcase.com just get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Would you like to invite your friends and host a Showcase?

As a hostess you will receive a £40 voucher plus 20% off all your beauty buys for up to seven days after your party. Have a read through the ‘Hosting a showcase FAQs’ below to find out everything you need to know.

Come and join the fun!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Colette x

Hosting a Showcase FAQs


Who can host a showcase?

Absolutely anyone! If you love beauty, and want to help your friends discover the cream of the niche beauty brands, this really is your kind of party.

Do I get something for hosting a beauty showcase?

Yes! As a thank you for hosting a showcase, we give our hosts 20% discount on orders, for up to 7 days after your showcase, plus a £40 voucher to spend on products from MyShowcase, if 5 or more guests attend. All regardless of sales.

Is there a cost to hosting a showcase?

No. There is no cost nor is there any obligation to buy something.

What’s the price range of the beauty products?

We carry competitive and premium brands, so prices span £3.50 to just under £100 and everything in between – so there is something for everyone’s budget.

How often do you offer new products?

We introduce new brands and additional products to existing brands at the beginning of the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons.


Can I host a showcase somewhere other than home?

Yes – I can arrange showcases anywhere, even in a board room at your office for a lunch time or after work event.

Will my guests and I get to see all the products you sell at my showcase?

I carry a manageable selection of the products we sell, but I also have our latest beauty books, detailing all our products, and you can see (and shop) everything on the myshowcase.com website too.

What form of payment is accepted at showcases?

The best method of payment is by credit or debit card.

When will my guests receive their orders?

We aim to deliver within 3 days, often it’s within 2 days.


How much notice do I need to give you for a showcase?

I can usually organise showcases within a week if you can muster the guests!

How many guests should I invite?

Any number you like, though we find that anywhere between 8 to 12 guests seems to work best.

What’s the best time of day to have a showcase?

There’s no special time, but coffee, lunch, tea and cocktail hour all work well – after the school run or a day at work, or during a lunch-hour, when your friends will welcome a bit of downtime with the added attraction of beauty!

Do I need to serve food and drinks?

You don’t need to serve anything at all, but most hostesses find that some refreshments go down well – especially cupcakes.


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