A wardrobe consultation and re-organisation is the perfect opportunity to take a good look at your current clothing and accessories and decide what’s working for you and what is simply just taking up space without actually being used. The process is fun, informative and some might even say liberating!

Using her own unique formula, Colette will work through your entire wardrobe with you deciding what should stay, what needs tweaking and what simply has to go. More than this, she will use what you have to create outfits so that dressing for your lifestyle is effortless.

Cost: £50 per hour


A personal styling session both for men and women, with Colette is about identifying and exploring ways to inject new life into what you wear, how you wear it and how to create looks that make you look and feel supremely confident.  Quite often clients are tired of wearing the same outfits and as a result feel less than stylish or interesting.  Some clients come wanting a whole new look to include ideas on hair and make-up.

The personal styling session with Colette can be life changing.  A big statement we know.  However, this has been proven to be true on countless occasions. Colette creates outfits and styles for her clients that reflect their lifestyle and of course body shape.  Her knowledge of both high street, designer clothing and fashion brands is second to none and her one promise is that she will never style any of her clients in the same way.  Your wardrobe and look will be as unique as you are.

Cost: £50 per hour


Known as personal styling in action, a personal shopping service takes the stress and uncertainty out of knowing what to buy, where to go and how to bring outfits together quickly and easily. Colette will introduce you to new shops and brands and encourage you to consider collections from different designers and stores. She’ll teach you how to shop smart getting what you need for the budget you have.

A personal shopping trip is lots of fun,  however, not everyone has the time or the inclination, if this is the case, Colette can shop on your behalf without the need for you to go at all. This has been a preferred and much appreciated service for our clients, especially the gentlemen!

Cost: £50 per hour


  • You’ll have a wardrobe full of outfits you’ll be able to wear all of the time
  • You’ll never have to worry that you have nothing to wear
  • You’ll be given a list of items you can add later to enhance what you already have to suit your budget and social or professional events
  • You’ll be provided with a seasonal wardrobe update planner
  • You’ll have an organised, well thought out wardrobe of clothes and accessories that reflects your lifestyle


I found Colette on the internet and boy did I strike lucky! So if you’re thinking of booking some time with her you definitely won’t regret it. In the days before children I used to enjoy shopping but lately it just felt like a very stressful necessity, with a wardrobe full of clothes bought in a panic and consequently not worn or very safe options that aged me before my time. I think one of the most useful things that I did with Colette was my wardrobe assessment… the thought of which was a bit nerve wracking but in reality it was a great afternoon and very cathartic.

Because Colette had seen what I already had to work with she was able to make a list of things to buy on our shopping trip, and she also spent time the day before going round the shops to look for clothes for me to try on which all resulted in the best days shopping I have ever had! I love my new clothes and booking Colette was the best money I have spent in years!!

Sarah, Cheshire


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