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Put a spring in your step with the Pantone Spring 2013 Colours!

With a new year and a brand new season underway, there’s a lot to talk about here on ColetteAli.com!

Spring-Summer 2013 is set to be a fashion balancing act. So what’s new?!

Trends For Spring 2013

Pantone SS 2013 colours

Well, I think it’s going to be a fun season in terms of colour. Pantone have released their colours for the season, and we’re looking at vivid, daring brights paired with revamped neutrals: perfect for anyone who loves big bold shades, and even better for people who are looking to inject just a bit more colour into their wardrobe.

It’s a really wearable look in both women’s and men’s styling. Better still, it’s up to you to decide how bold you go, but remember the balance: you want to turn heads rather than stop traffic!

Balance is a beautiful thing in personal style –  whether you’re talking about matching one designer piece with some cheaper items, a couple of vintage pieces with a modern twist, or a classic outfit with a surprising addition.

Balance gives us a chance to refresh our personal image – maybe revamping your wardrobe with a few new key pieces – while keeping one foot firmly in our comfort zone. And that’s no bad thing: personal styling is all about making fashion work for you. If you feel comfortable, you feel confident. And confidence looks good!

Pantone Colours: Spring 2013

This season’s colours really are fantastic for putting a spring in your step! While there’s no denying that green is the shade of the season, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. If you want a safe way to try an attention-grabbing, zingy colour, the gorgeously fresh Tender Shoots is the perfect highlight for an otherwise monochrome outfit. Decadent Emerald is an ideal twist for a classic look with sleek lines, while Greyed Jade evokes softer, more earthy tones. There’s also the electrifying Lemon Zest – a neon fix on the classic chartreuse, and stunning when paired with elegant white.

If you’re not a fan of the greens, there are still plenty of vivid shades to liven up your style: think Cadbury’s hazelnut in caramel for the sumptuous African Violet, and perfect pouty lips for the daring Poppy Red. There’s also a fresh new take on coral with warm Nectarine, and a nod to the classics (and a fabulous choice for evening wear) with rich Monaco Blue.

Spring 2013 really does seem to be the perfect season to try new things. Take a look at some of the outfits I’ve designed around this season’s Pantone colours, or let me know how you’re styling up these gorgeous new shades!

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