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Ladies Lunch at the Mottram Hall Hotel

I recently spoke at a ladies networking lunch at the Mottram Hall Hotel in Prestbury Cheshire.

The aim of my presentation was to explain about my services and how my business works. I also spoke briefly about a few of my clients , no names of course, all anonymous, and certainly no” before and after” pictures, as I find that practise a rather conceited way to “prove a point”.

Among the select gathering that day was another Image Consultant, I always enjoy meeting fellow Image Consultants, my view is that we are competitors, but, there is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, the more people realise the benefits of working with an Image Consultant the better! And anyway, in my humble opinion no two Image Consultants are the same. Everything is different – from the way we dress, our interpersonal skills, even the services we offer can vary.

My principle services are Wardrobe Consultations and Personal Shopping.

My list does not include make up lessons, style parties, colour consultations, speed styling, etc….obviously, colour is an area I cover, especially new season colour trends etc….but, it is included in my consultation as a whole rather than a separate topic, and make-up I feel is better left to the experts, as again seasonal colours and trends are ever changing.

As an Image Consultant I am not trying to be all things to all people.

To me it is not the quantity of services I offer, but, the quality of service I provide that is of paramount importance. And the foundation that underpins everything I stand for as an Image Consultant is my relationship with my client, a relationship based on trust and understanding.

My initial consultation is free. It is an opportunity for my clients to meet me, ask me questions, and, if they think that I could help them, so the journey begins.

I will have answers to problems, but, quick fixes are not my style, and are just what they say, therefore offer no long term solutions.

The true value of a good Image Consultant can be measured and is tangible. It should be life changing, you should acquire knowledge and skills to help you grow in self confidence and self awareness, and you should feel more sexy and vibrant and know that you are reaching your full potential.

It is an investment in yourself and your future, and do you know what? You are worth every penny!


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