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More essentials for Autumn Winter 2011.

Boots are essential winter warmers and I always love this time of year, when, I can get my boot boxes out and start wearing my favourite pieces. Most of my boots are quite a few years old, but, no matter, as I think a lot of boot styles are timeless, and, if looked after properly can be worn year after year.

This season two boot styles in particular seem very popular…..The heeled Knee high boot and the Slouchy ankle boot. I am a big fan of the heeled knee high boot as for the slouchy ankle boot…I have jumped on the band wagon and bought a pair, and, I must say I am delighted with my purchase!

When buying a heeled Knee high boot, pay attention to the fit around your calf and the boot length…the fit should be snug, but, not too tight, and the length should come up to the knee, and not in no mans land between your knee and calf. Find the perfect fit and perfect length et voila…you have one sexy look going on!!

Heeled Knee high boots and bright winter coats, what a gorgeous combination. Alternatively, add a bit of 1970’s nostalgia and tuck your skinny jeans or skinny cords into your boots, wear with knee length wool dresses and skirts or experiment with the new season midi length skirt. What ever your style, have some fun!


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