The Cape Crusader

The Cape Crusader

Over the last couple of seasons the cape has been on the periphery, and it’s not going away, if anything the look seems to becoming more popular.

I love capes. In my previous life I wore a bright red heavy woollen one for years and years. It kept me dry and warm as I raced along the long corridors of Withington hospital to and from the wards – happy times!

Thankfully, the styles and colours on offer this season are a lot more sophisticated, which I think make the modern cape a highly desirable piece.

There is nothing easier than throwing a cape around ones shoulders, If anything it lends itself to dramatic impact. I have been engaging my brain in over drive trying to think of suitable caped role models, but, sadly the most I could come up with were Batman, Zorro, D’artagnan et al, Sherlock Homes, and the wonderful Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple! Not the sorts of examples I had in mind for you, but I suppose it does emphasize the versatility of the piece.

Forget the men in tights look and opt for skinny or boot cut jeans and tailored wide leg trousers. Flared maxi skirts and dresses will also work very well. It is difficult to list all the outfit options, but that gives you a few ideas.

Of course the length and style of the cape matter a great deal, and what suits one body shape will not perhaps translate well on another.

It will be a matter of trying on different designs to find the perfect cape for your shape.


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