What’s new for Spring and Summer 2011?

There seems to be an excellent selection of styles for 2011 spring and summer, a bit of something for everyone, from super bright colours, big prints and florals as well as plenty of neutrals and white.

Bright blockFloat printsNeutrals


There is nothing subtle about the new look prints for the spring and summer they are bright and bold. Stella McCartney gave us her fruity fabric designs and, staying with the fruity theme the Prada prints are bananas!

If fruit isn’t your thing there are plenty of the usual summery florals around, gorgeous big bright blooms, some reminiscent of an English country garden and some with a hint of the exotic. And, of course talking of exotic there are plenty of summer animal prints on offer.


Lots of Gorgeous colours are here for spring and summer. Jewel shades of sapphire blue and emerald green sit happily alongside the entire rainbow brights. Forget about matching colours, this is the season to have some fun with colour and anything goes – the brighter the better.

Neutrals and whites

Always a must for the spring and summer months are the neutrals and whites. Go casual with these softer shades and if you want to dress the look up a little, add more interest by mixing up your textures with contrasting fabrics such as soft suede, broidery anglaise and lace. Animal prints will give an instant lift, and for a finishing touch add a bit of fringing or bold ethnic jewellery.

Despite the high energy bright colours, the overall feel for this season appears to be relaxed and chilled, – a dreamy 1970’s feel, easy to wear floaty styles, maxi dresses, flares and soft blouses, and as usual we have familiar seasonal favourites, – nautical stripes, urban safari and some African inspired prints.

Plenty of choices to be made, so whether you opt for a touch more colour or you fancy having some fun with the new look prints there are lots of simple ways to update your wardrobe, enjoy!


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